Welcome everyone.

This would be my first post into the blogging world.   If you haven’t taken the chance, drop over to my About page for more information about who I am and why I’m starting this new path and conversation with everyone.

I’m quite excited to get started on some of the projects that I’m learning about, and will try to keep up with the thoughts and learning curves that I try to make shorter as I go.  I am the type of person who researches things almost to death, and I’m absolutely in awe of the amount of information that is out on the internet and on other forums.  At core, I am pretty much a guy who has lived in cities and suburbs my entire life, and am now re-thinking some of the things that I have taken for granted.  By nature, I have little fear of jumping into projects after some of this research and seeing what happens.  Sometimes this has great successes – and sometimes it has spectacular errors (learning to make sure the breaker box is off before changing the electrical socket).

Please, PLEASE remember that I am learning most things that I am talking about, so always take safety into consideration if you ever follow my footsteps on a project.  I will try to source information as I go, but enter into things with caution.  For example – circular saws frankly scare me.  I am learning respect them rather than be skittish, but if you are dealing with things of a powered nature, make sure that you do your own research to be safe for yourself.

I’m looking forward to the chance to share my path with some of you, and hopefully learn from everyone who cares to comment and join the conversation.


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