Podcast Episode 6 – Best Laid Farm Plans for 2016

Ep 6 Notes

News on the Farm:

Frozen Eggs – resulting in ordering Ceramic Heaters and a Thermo Cube.

Links:  Ceramic Heat Emitter Lamp Bulb and Thermo Cube

Building this weekend – Roosting ladder to add to current roosts


Main Topic: Plans for Spring summer 2016

Dock install and start of stairs

Work on Woodpile for next winter

2-3 raised beds for gardening

Trying out cover crops for possible rabbit grazing and under larger vegetable plants

Seed List adds for this year from Johnny Seeds:
Green Manure mix – mix contains field peas, oats, and hairy vetch
Medium Red Clover
Zucchini- Dunja and Raven
Onions – Patternson and Pumba
Tomatoes – Brandywine and Amish Paste
Sunshine Squash
Pumpkin – Winter Luxury
Chocolate Mint – if we can source

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  1. David Swan says:

    Any thoughts on what to do with the raspberries? Maybe I could come up and help in the spring…

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