Podcast Episode 3 – Chickens and Chicken Egg Pricing

News on the Farm:

Rain, rain… But in December

Laying down a LOT of deep litter with the damp winter

Rooster news – crowing video on Facebook and Rooster mini-attack

Talk about Sara Thomsen and the Song for our Intro/Podcast End

Main Topic thoughts:

Pricing of eggs – just noticed that 2.99 was local egg price, but farm local eggs at the co-ops have stayed what their prices are at 3.99…

…And weirdness of hearing about $6-7/dox eggs out in the western US.

Local Co-op eggs in color and consistency vs my FRF eggs vs standard food system eggs

Local Delivery of eggs – thoughts – anyone out there think this would be worth it? Thinking of delivering min 2 doz eggs in Iron River Area.

Are ducks possible?

Music Intro and End used with permission by Sara Thomsen – Excerpt of song, Everything and More, from Album Everything Changes.

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