Quick chemistry update and Sad news

Two things to cover today. They are fairly connected, but be warned, they are both chemistry related. It really goes without saying that the moment you enter into Aquaponics, you are going to get to a point where you have to deal with chemistry… My background certainly doesn’t have much formal study with chemistry, but […]

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Survival Fish vs Joel

So – two items of silliness to touch on. Building my DIY tank cover and my really DIY sand filter for my Tilapia starter tank. The tank cover is less exciting, but I’m happy with some of the things about it. Since the system as a whole is still evolving, I didn’t want to put […]

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Joel’s Garden update and the wonders of chemistry

I haven’t posted anything out from my actual gardens in quite a while, so I wanted to remedy that.  🙂 I just got my first chard delivered to Judy – YAY. I’m finding chard to be moderately hard to germinate so far indoors, but once I get it established, it functions well in my larger […]

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Aquaponics Update 4-16-13

Quick update with a picture. 🙂

I got semi-scientific today, and did my first fish weigh in.

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Man, these little guys grow fast!

Updated Pictures, thoughts, comments, and fish news!

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Aquaponics Update

Well, the drama has subsided for the moment, and the little guys are re-homed successfully. Now – I would imagine one of the first questions is, “Where the heck are the fish?”  I can guarantee that at the time of this picture, there were at least 14 fish in there, alive and happy.  🙂  They […]

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The 5th Circle of Aquaponics Hell

Start of a new project… Okay – For those 2 people out there that actually pay attention to this blog at this point, I want to apologize for the REALLY sporatic nature of this record. As you know, I mostly do this so I can reference back to it for my own interest of where […]

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Kohlrabi crop

Wanted to post out a quick picture of my Kohlrabi crop I took out in my latest tear-down of the larger system I have. They are slightly sadder looking than they actually are, because they have been pushed around a bit to get them untangled from my latest attempt at indoor tomatoes; not to mention that I’ve been eating the really good ones already.

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Cool things are under way at UMD

I’m trying to be un-biased, as Judy is one of the many people behind the push to marketing this new collaboration phase of UMD’s sustainability project, the UMD Farm and the Dining Services, but I find it awesome that things are finally moving in what can be a slow to change system. http://www.umdfoodnews.blogspot.com/ Cool things! […]

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Shout out to Judy and other Misc

So. I’ve been really lax in getting my blogposts up to date, as there are a few projects that have been going on (like moving and re-organizing my entire life…). 🙂

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