New Skill Started… :)

Good times. Great thanks needs to go out to my friend Sven for starting me down another piece of my skill acquisition. He helped me through a project of taking a broken down draw knife (wood working tool) that was rusted out, dull as heck, and turn it back into a shiny and sharp functional tool.

I’m not sure if the pictures are going to do the project justice, as you can’t really take a picture of how sharp something is, but this knife was REALLY in bad shape when we started, dull as ditchwater, and we took it back to being razor sharp and looking much prettier.

Essentially, and I may get some of the names wrong, since I’m just starting this learning process… We took a hand held rotary brush sander to both the metal and slightly to the handles to get all of the rust removed. Then we used a belt grinder to get the edge of the metal back to sharp, and finally we used a fixed rotary polisher to get the full edge back on the blade.

I always find it close to amazing that repairs and restoration of this type can be accomplished with such (relative) ease with the know-how and skill, and the correct tools. It really reinforces my drive to learn more of this type of thing, and get back to a personal culture that is about fixing things rather than just replacing them.

NOT that this is a commercial for his skills, but if anyone in my circle or the Duluth area has any use of any type of blade sharpening, Sven is more than willing to sharpen tools or knives for really reasonable prices for anyone that would get the items to me to be delivered out to where he is at and back. He does amazing work, and it is miraculous how much true sharpening of knives makes a difference in day to day use.



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  1. Ellen Sandbeck says:

    Hi Joel!

    That is indeed an impressive tool salvage job you did! I’ve used enough farm tools to be able to tell from the photos!

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