Much news coming in the next month!

I am totally excited to announce that I’m going to have to change my tagline sometime soon.  I am moving to an actual homestead location, and can drop the “Urban” part of my blog!  I will post more information as the time approaches, but I’m starting to see the glimmer of many fun projects in the startup phase, as well as getting back to having animals be a part of my daily life.

Also wanted to throw out there just as information that I put up a Bitcoin Donation button on the main page of my site (as well as a tip button on the bottom).  I’m fascinated by the opportunity that Bitcoin presents as far as liberty is concerned, so this is my experimentation into learning more about the day-to-day function of the techno-currency.  I am going to probably raise some eyebrows in offering both Silver and Bitcoin for payment options when I get actual farm sales going, but I hope that I can start discussions about currency in general.  I encourage anyone to learn more about the subject!

Drop me a line or a comment if you have any questions on this.

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    Now I need more details, and Walt and I will want a tour as soon as practical!


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