Shout out to Judy and other Misc

So.  I’ve been really lax in getting my blogposts up to date, as there are a few projects that have been going on (like moving and re-organizing my entire life…).  🙂

We just returned from Madison, WI, where we were visiting with friends for the holiday, and Judy posted a blogpost for material in one of her college classes – and I realized that a lot of what she had put up was what was on my project list to update for this blog!  Never one to miss an opportunity to re-purpose perfectly good work that I didn’t have to do myself <grin>, I wanted to link out to hers.

One other piece of information that I wanted to share is a call out to the AWESOME thing in Madison that our friend made Judy and I very envious of:  Indoor Winter Farmers Markets.  HOW DO WE GET THIS in Duluth!  It was great to have a place to go to connect with the farmers and get products that go away through the closing of our summer farmer’s markets… I’m going to have to do some serious searching and see if there is anything like this going on in our city.  I am going into Farmer’s Market withdrawal…  and my gardening projects at this point are in a re-set mode…  itsy bitsy seedlings that need time to catch up.


So, for now, I just need to console myself with the (frigging huge) Kohlrabi we got down in Madison, and be patient.


Hope all your Thanksgivings were full of time spent with things of love and friendship.


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