My appologies… busy (non-fun) week

This week I started my new work schedule of working remotely from my home office three days a week, instead of driving into my workplace, and it totally Rocks!  Now – one would assume that all that lack of commuting and free time not dressing up would give me all of this free time to work on my home projects.  Hah… I laugh at your reasonable assumption.

For some totally unknown reason (well, mostly a slight case of work-a-holia), I am at the end of the week with nothing new to talk about.  However, I wanted to post out a truly cool podcast (audio) regarding at least some of the reasons behind my new path.  There is a gentleman named Jack Spirko, whom I listen to regularly.  Now, I find him entertaining and very insightful on most things, but I certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with everything he says.  Actually, part of what I really respect about him is that HE doesn’t expect you to agree with everything he says… he actually hopes that you think for yourself and disagree with him on things.  🙂  My kind of man.

So – I’ll get back to work actually doing things in my life OTHER than working, and here is the episode  link for “Episode-355- Monsanto and Global Threats to the Food Supply” from Jack’s site, The Survival Podcast.

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