Hello – I’m back… (Pickles and other fun)

At least, one hopes that I will stay back. After a move to more Northern location, (and much more happiness soul rejuvenation) I have started back some of my experimentation.

I have my hydroponics back going – version 2.0 – and it is flourishing in my new space. More details on that later, as I added another system to the mix, and am just starting to get to the first harvest grown in that. Pictures and details to follow. 🙂

On the other side of the harvest details, I am going to attempt to make my first batch of pickles from some cucumbers that I bought at the local farmer’s market. This would be my first attempt ever at pickles, so hopefully I can pull that off without making myself sick, and have them turn out tasty as a bonus. I have wanted to attempt to grow cucumbers for a while for their supposed ability to produce large bounty for minimal effort, and would LOVE to try to trellis them in my space with grow lights, but I have always run into this tiny small problem of not really liking cucumbers. So, if I can successfully learn how to pickle them, I can enjoy fermented dill pickles, which I DO like. Wish my luck.

Next up on the docket would be sauerkraut, and then of course cabbage growing.

Pic below of my micro-batch, and yes, that is a baggie sticking out the top. I read somewhere… wish I could remember where to site it well, but can’t… that a way to ensure the cucumbers stay submerged in the brine was to use a small plastic bag filled with water. The method so far seems to be working swimmingly – but I’m a little unsure of how to sterilize the bag for next use, or otherwise make it able to be a non-wasteful process. Live and learn.


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