First “Farm” Post – Rhubarb sales!

We are still settling into the new place, and learning just how explosive spring is, but we are starting to have a huge rhubarb crop come in, so we took some of our excess to one of the local stores.  I am still nightly relishing the thought that we are actually in a place that will sustain both our lives and our souls.  Add to that the astonishment that we are getting sales with as behind the eight ball as we feel with caring for the market garden “correctly”, and today was a really good day.


Just to be real – fighting with the tiller that won’t start – that was a frustrating last evening.  🙂


Below is a pic of the first of many cuttings we did for the box – eventually trimmed and cut for market – 13 pounds of rhubarb.

Rhubarb 2014-06-05 10.00.12

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