News Summary of the fun and Weird

A lot has been happening as of just recently, and I wanted to give a quick summary of the good, the bad, and the astounding, without trying to get too deep in detail or ranting.

The good first.

I have been moving forward with a lot of my plans to add to the project list.  This last weekend, I went and picked up my starting colony of worms from the Worm Lady, Ellen Sandbeck, up in the Duluth Area.  I found her through one of her small pamphlets that we found when I was researching doing Worm Composing (Vermiculture), and meeting with her and chatting with her was an education and a great pleasure – let alone the great happiness of having my starting worms.  I will definitely have a followup post on the discussion we had and the short tour that she graciously gave my wife and I of her setup.  Also on that following post is the worm bin itself that I built that the worms are hopefully enjoying getting to work on.

At the same time, I continue to work towards a more automated and established indoor garden.  I am starting into my third planting of radishes with my very small and limited system.  I have some pictures to post of my second crop, which turned out better and actually produced several radishes that were sampled by myself and my wife.  I purchased some more seeds of different vegetables, and also have ordered and received a drip irrigation system starter kit, which looks very promising to start the next phase of my developing the system.  Again, more to come on those details as well.

The bad.

Well… I think I learned a new truism to my life.  I now firmly believe that NO ONE should be allowed to drive a Mercedes without insurance!  I think it is patently unmoral to drive a car that costs that much to purchase without being responsible enough to insure it.  Why this new-found conviction?  Because said person (who I’m mad at enough to name, but won’t get that petty), had or created an accident that ended up with his car crashing into my house, though details are still unclear.  Everyone is fine – at least, all humans are unhurt and Xander the rabbit is still seemingly happy – but my house now has less siding and sports several cracks that we hope don’t extend too far into the foundation.  I guess that is what home insurance is for, but it still GALLS me that this person was uninsured.  Siding is replaceable, foundations are repairable and thankfully the car didn’t impact the wall differently and go through, but I am still not pleased.  Much as I am tempted… I think that is as far as I will go with that fun news, but if anyone can get me plans for a moat around my house, I may be in the market someday soon.

I hope to have more new things coming quickly.  Much fun work to get done that doesn’t involve insurance adjusters!


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