Much news coming in the next month!

I am totally excited to announce that I’m going to have to change my tagline sometime soon.  I am moving to an actual homestead location, and can drop the “Urban” part of my blog!  I will post more information as the time approaches, but I’m starting to see the glimmer of many fun projects in […]

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New Skill Started… :)

Good times. Great thanks needs to go out to my friend Sven for starting me down another piece of my skill acquisition. He helped me through a project of taking a broken down draw knife (wood working tool) that was rusted out, dull as heck, and turn it back into a shiny and sharp functional […]

Shout out to Judy and other Misc

So. I’ve been really lax in getting my blogposts up to date, as there are a few projects that have been going on (like moving and re-organizing my entire life…). 🙂

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