First “Farm” Post – Rhubarb sales!

…we are starting to have a huge rhubarb crop come in, so we took some of our excess to one of the local stores. I am still nightly relishing the thought that we are actually in a place that will sustain both our lives and our souls.

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Joel’s Garden update and the wonders of chemistry

I haven’t posted anything out from my actual gardens in quite a while, so I wanted to remedy that.  🙂 I just got my first chard delivered to Judy – YAY. I’m finding chard to be moderately hard to germinate so far indoors, but once I get it established, it functions well in my larger […]

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Kohlrabi crop

Wanted to post out a quick picture of my Kohlrabi crop I took out in my latest tear-down of the larger system I have. They are slightly sadder looking than they actually are, because they have been pushed around a bit to get them untangled from my latest attempt at indoor tomatoes; not to mention that I’ve been eating the really good ones already.

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Shout out to Judy and other Misc

So. I’ve been really lax in getting my blogposts up to date, as there are a few projects that have been going on (like moving and re-organizing my entire life…). 🙂

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Hello – I’m back… (Pickles and other fun)

At least, one hopes that I will stay back. After a move to more Northern location, (and much more happiness soul rejuvenation) I have started back some of my experimentation.

I have my hydroponics back going – version 2.0 – and it is flourishing in my new space. More details on that later, as I added another system to the mix, and am just starting to get to the first harvest grown in that. Pictures and details to follow. 🙂

On the other side of the harvest details, I am going to attempt to make my first batch of pickles from some cucumbers that I bought at the local farmer’s market…

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Worm Adventures

As I have previously mentioned, one of the things that I wanted to include in my plans was to get a worm composting bin going. To this end, and after more research than I probably needed, I went out to pick up said worms and met with Ellen Sandbeck.

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News Summary of the fun and Weird

A lot has been happening as of just recently, and I wanted to give a quick summary of the good, the bad, and the astounding, without trying to get too deep in detail or ranting.

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My appologies… busy (non-fun) week

This week I started my new work schedule of working remotely from my home office three days a week, instead of driving into my workplace, and it totally Rocks!  Now – one would assume that all that lack of commuting and free time not dressing up would give me all of this free time to […]

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Worms! Happy times soon…

When I started all of these projects, I really didn’t know which project to take on first.  It’s kind of a chicken or egg type of thought process.  I want to start an indoor garden with growlights this winter, and happily have started on that path.  I am pretty sure that I will continue doing […]

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Indoor gardening results – grow lights without the cannibis

Well, the experiment was a COMPLETE success, at least as far as my resident critic is concerned.  Xander (my rabbit) loved all of the greens that it produced.  I, however, was disappointed in the absolute lack of any root bulb to the radishes.  I have some theories as to what may have gone wrong. First […]

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