Worm Adventures

As I have previously mentioned, one of the things that I wanted to include in my plans was to get a worm composting bin going. To this end, and after more research than I probably needed, I went out to pick up said worms and met with Ellen Sandbeck.

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News Summary of the fun and Weird

A lot has been happening as of just recently, and I wanted to give a quick summary of the good, the bad, and the astounding, without trying to get too deep in detail or ranting.

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Worms! Happy times soon…

When I started all of these projects, I really didn’t know which project to take on first.  It’s kind of a chicken or egg type of thought process.  I want to start an indoor garden with growlights this winter, and happily have started on that path.  I am pretty sure that I will continue doing […]

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Xander – the 1st of many

My first entrance into this new life of learning and homesteading started with Rabbits.  Well, one particular rabbit, Xander, a rabbit that I got from the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society.  He is a black and white, neutered Dutch rabbit, and the picture below was taken on his first day home at our house. He has turned […]

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