Aquaponics Update

Well, the drama has subsided for the moment, and the little guys are re-homed successfully.

Now – I would imagine one of the first questions is, “Where the heck are the fish?”  I can guarantee that at the time of this picture, there were at least 14 fish in there, alive and happy.  🙂  They settled down a bit and I could finally get what I think is an accurate count.  But, they are small.

For perspective, the giant piece of tubing seen in the lower left quadrant of the picture is 1/2 inch tubing, with a circumference approximately the same as a penny.  Seen with some difficulty, there is a small fish lower in the picture from the tube.  🙂  So, yeah, they’re kinda small at this point.  But, they are even much bigger now than when I got them home last week.

My plan is to occasionally post pictures of their growth, partly for a timeline of life-cycle, and partly because I think they are fun.  In approximately 9 months, they will hopefully all graduate to fillets, so I’m not thinking in terms of attachment, but hopefully as an ability of setting up a system to have both a source of “free” nutrient, and also knowing exactly where my fish come from.

My goal is to build something that gets me approximately four or five fish every 3 months or so, so approximately 10 pounds of Tilapia, while working with that in my system to produce veggies at the same time.

So – Equipment list, so far:

5 Gallon Aquarium Tank

Tank Heater (That oval black thing that mostly looks like a shadow in the first picture, center)

Thermometer (Shooting for approximately 75-80 Degrees, with hopes of getting it long-term affordably up to the desired consistent 80 soon)

Air Stone

2 pumps for water exchange with the planting area, with 5/16″ tubing to transport said water

Aquarium rock (I’m not actually sure if this is needed, but I like the color, and it does make it easier to clean the uneaten food off the bottom)

Then on the Planting side, I am running with one of my Emily Gardens from my hydroponics setup.  This has 6 sites for plants, set in a water trough with a cover to keep the algea growth down.


P.S. to above… more to come soon, as more changes have been made and some additions/improvements.  I seems to be running about 1 week behind with posts so far of what actually is happening, so I’m trying to catch that up.

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