Foolish Raven Farms is an experiment growing into a way of life.

We moved to our homestead in the spring of 2014, and started down the next phase of our growth here at the new Foolish Raven Farms. What an awesome new experience, and I can’t wait to explore the new skills, relationships and life paths this will create.  Until we purchased it, the location had been run as a sustainable, organic, small market farm, which we are excited to continue and maintain.  The previous farmer and I both are not interested in getting the organic “Certification”, but the farm will be run as organic, as I strive to make the best choices for improving the homestead as I can make.

The concept for Foolish Raven Farms started with the realization that as I was progressing through my life, I was learning quite a number of skills that had application to the technological world, and lots of theory and philosophy about our reality as humans, but I was learning close to nothing about how to do “real” things.

Now – let me qualify a few things right up front. In everything that I say on this website and my blog, I am stating my opinion. It is my goal to learn new things and always try to keep an open mind… and I can almost guarantee that at some point I am going to say something that will be disagreed with by someone or everyone. I am always willing to discuss and talk about any viewpoint, but that is what we are talking about: Viewpoint. My opinion and yours don’t need to be the same. I want to learn from everyone I meet, but reserve the right to not agree with you while still thinking you have every right to disagree with me as well.

So, let’s get back to the word “real” that I used above. I originally set out to learn a few skills that were totally foreign to me (gardening, raising rabbits, woodworking, etc.); and as my knowledge started expanding, my desire to know more expanded as well. This has led me to various new things, but most of them can be grouped under a really rough interpretation of the self-sufficiency / homesteading label. Starting off in a very urban setting years ago created some specific challenges to this path. It often seemed odd, even to me, to call a relatively small apartment a farm, but I did not wish to be completely ruled by those limitations. I was, and will be again, an avid grower of vegetables via hydroponics, and am having a blast putting those skills into practice in a larger way both indoors and out on the land.

I have experimented with small livestock in the past, and am just starting to get into this now that we have the space and ability to do so.  Right now, we are still REALLY small-scale with a small laying flock of chickens and a small cohort of breeding rabbits, but I hope to grow as I learn.  It is my intention to grow into the ability to be a small market provider of eggs, meat, and fruits and vegetables, sold right here out of our farm stand.

It is my intention to share information with people as I learn in my blog, and share things that I produce with anyone whom I can give value to. This website is to be my portal into sharing my road to becoming as functional a productive homestead as I can be. That being said, be patient with my website as it grows, as I don’t really know what will be added in the future as I expand my projects,

Feel free to e-mail me with the contact form, or comment on any of my blog postings.

Joel Swan