My appologies… busy (non-fun) week

This week I started my new work schedule of working remotely from my home office three days a week, instead of driving into my workplace, and it totally Rocks!  Now – one would assume that all that lack of commuting and free time not dressing up would give me all of this free time to […]

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Worms! Happy times soon…

When I started all of these projects, I really didn’t know which project to take on first.  It’s kind of a chicken or egg type of thought process.  I want to start an indoor garden with growlights this winter, and happily have started on that path.  I am pretty sure that I will continue doing […]

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Indoor gardening results – grow lights without the cannibis

Well, the experiment was a COMPLETE success, at least as far as my resident critic is concerned.  Xander (my rabbit) loved all of the greens that it produced.  I, however, was disappointed in the absolute lack of any root bulb to the radishes.  I have some theories as to what may have gone wrong. First […]

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