Soap making – origins of an addiction

One of the hobbies that I picked up in learning “real” skills was making my own soap.  I’m not sure if I want to bore all of everyone not actually reading this blog (as of yet) by going into a full description of how that is done, so I may do that on parts later but […]

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Xander – the 1st of many

My first entrance into this new life of learning and homesteading started with Rabbits.  Well, one particular rabbit, Xander, a rabbit that I got from the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society.  He is a black and white, neutered Dutch rabbit, and the picture below was taken on his first day home at our house. He has turned […]

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Welcome everyone.

This would be my first post into the blogging world.   If you haven’t taken the chance, drop over to my About page for more information about who I am and why I’m starting this new path and conversation with everyone. I’m quite excited to get started on some of the projects that I’m learning […]

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