New Banner Coming Soon!

So Excited!  Getting a new Farm Stand Banner.  🙂  

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Podcast Episode 6 – Best Laid Farm Plans for 2016

Ep 6 Notes News on the Farm: Frozen Eggs – resulting in ordering Ceramic Heaters and a Thermo Cube. Links:  Ceramic Heat Emitter Lamp Bulb and Thermo Cube Building this weekend – Roosting ladder to add to current roosts   Main Topic: Plans for Spring summer 2016 Dock install and start of stairs Work on […]


Podcast Episode 5 – Farm plus work that pays the bills

Main Topic:
Farm plus work that pays the bills – multiple income streams
Respect the Seminar for what it is…
The Value Proposition


Podcast Episode 4 – News and Worms

News on the Farm: It got cold here finally! Christmas food, buying local & farm raised meats Main Topic: Worm composting Indoor Worm bin I’m going to try out – Worm Factory Laverme’s Handbook of Indoor Worm Composting – On Amazon General Instructions/Wiki: Music Intro and End used with permission by Sara Thomsen – […]


Podcast Episode 3 – Chickens and Chicken Egg Pricing

News on the Farm: Rain, rain… But in December Laying down a LOT of deep litter with the damp winter Rooster news – crowing video on Facebook and Rooster mini-attack Talk about Sara Thomsen and the Song for our Intro/Podcast End Main Topic thoughts: Pricing of eggs – just noticed that 2.99 was local egg […]


Podcast Episode 2 – Rabbits and Philosophy on the Farm

Show Notes: ***Check in with the Website for show note links*** News on the farm Eggs are starting to be more regularly found, but they still aren’t using the egg-box. Chickens don’t like snow… they really don’t like white stuff. Winter heat – propane vs wood… man we don’t gather enough wood. ***Warning – non-graphic […]


Podcast Episode 1 – Introductions All Around

Show Notes: ***Check in with the Website for show note links*** General Introduction to us and our “farmstead”. Intro to our Rabbits and our chickens. Our Farming Ethics or thereabouts, and our general format plans for the podcast. Music Intro and End used with permission by Sara Thomsen – Excerpt of song, Everything and More, […]


First “Farm” Post – Rhubarb sales!

…we are starting to have a huge rhubarb crop come in, so we took some of our excess to one of the local stores. I am still nightly relishing the thought that we are actually in a place that will sustain both our lives and our souls.

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Much news coming in the next month!

I am totally excited to announce that I’m going to have to change my tagline sometime soon.  I am moving to an actual homestead location, and can drop the “Urban” part of my blog!  I will post more information as the time approaches, but I’m starting to see the glimmer of many fun projects in […]

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New Skill Started… :)

Good times. Great thanks needs to go out to my friend Sven for starting me down another piece of my skill acquisition. He helped me through a project of taking a broken down draw knife (wood working tool) that was rusted out, dull as heck, and turn it back into a shiny and sharp functional […]

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